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Founded in 2008, The TICE programme is an excellent way to help secondary school students (14-19 years) develop their creative skills and explore potential career paths in the creative industry.

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Through a mix of workshops, guest speakers, real-world experiences, and online provision, students have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the industry and work alongside other creative students in other schools. By the end of the programme, students will have built a body of work that showcases their skills and creativity in addition to better understanding the potential career paths available in the creative industry.

Contributing to existing school work.

Our programme encourages young people to take on creative challenges and projects that push them out of their comfort zones and allow them to develop new skills and perspectives. These challenges can include creating a portfolio of their work and can contribute to GCSE coursework, BTEC modules, EPQ’s, Arts Award, DofE and more.


By offering a variety of creative experiences, mentorship and guidance, creative challenges and projects, and community engagement opportunities, our programme provides a supportive environment that allows young people to discover and pursue their creative passions.

Introducing the TICE programme.

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Joseph O'Donnell
TICE 2008

“TICE was the first time I performed live, TICE was the first opportunity I had to form bands, TICE was the first time I felt confident to actually write my own music, and TICE was the first experience I felt at home.”
Marketing Manager at Bella Freud

Laurel Outterside
TICE 2012

“I feel that TICE had hugely influenced my career choice, my experience with working with models, stylists and digital imagery, solidified my desire to be involved in the fashion industry, specifically communication and promotion, as before taking part in TICE I did not realise such areas existed, and as a result, I became able to see past the words draw and design when hearing ‘fashion’.”
Senior Brand Marketing Executive at Miller Harris Perfumer London

Jordan Riley
BBC PAF 2014

"TICE offered me an amazing opportunity between college and University to a be fellow with BBC Performing Arts Fund. The most valuable lesson I learned was a simple one, and it was to bring out my own personality in your music, rather than just copying everything out there. There are many online resources now to learn from, but when you’re starting off in a creative career, you need encouragement and guidance from a mentor to keep you going and to get you started on the right path. I recommend TICE to anyone wanting to go into a creative career!”
Musician / Writer / Producer
Sony Music Publishing

Lana Caven
TICE 2012

“After completing TICE my mind became set on working within the fashion industry. At the time I was studying for my GCSE's so they became my priority, but in my spare time I worked on really building up my social media profiles, particularly Instagram. Also being able to say I completed TICE in my personal statement favoured me well in gaining a place at University to study my dream course. Anything that makes you stand out is GOOD.”
DIgital Creator

Rio Pringle
TICE 2014

“My one piece of advice to anyone who is considering TICE is to go for it. Even if you feel like the creative industries aren’t something you’re completely made up on, by taking part and having that opportunity to explore further, you might end up finding something you want to pursue. Working closely with professionals means you are able to get any answers to questions you may have on how to get to where you want to be.”
Fashion Student @ Northumbria University

Brandon Murphy
TICE 2012

“TICE was my first opportunity to explore visual creativity through film/video. Without this opportunity, at such a critical time in my life, I would not be where I am today. Since completing my TICE course, I’ve gone on to graduate from university with First Class Honours, and have worked on productions for the likes of Netflix, Sky and BBC. I have had a film I co-wrote and directed shown at the BFI at London’s iconic Southbank, and also worked with international brands such as Doritos, Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein. TICE gave me the confidence to go out and make a career out of what I love!"
Freelance Offline Editor | Avid | Obs Doc | Fact/Ents

Simeon Sayer
TICE 2016

"Learning new things depends on two factors: content and context. TICE's unique approach is groundbreaking in both. The program exposes students to important, inspiring, real-world applicable ideas from industry leaders. It does so in a way that is exciting, impactful and challenging and really pushes students to explore and innovate. This is a phenomenal program"
Student, Researcher, Writer
Havard Political review

Andy Chan
TICE 2012

“I would recommend that students take this opportunity to participate and experience being in the creative industry. You might be surprised with the amount of links and experience you may receive whilst enjoying the programme and it is an opportunity that I would not miss out on."
Part 2 Trainee Architect at Ryder Architecture

We take great pride in the 3,200+ students we've supported through our TICE programme since 2008. Nothing beats the feeling of staying connected to our alumni and seeing their success. We love it, and it's what motivates us to keep going!

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