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The expansive and ever-evolving world of the creative sector is an endless source of opportunity.

Industries that depend on the ingenuity, expertise, and gifts of individuals, or which are capable of creating wealth and job opportunities through the design or manufacture of intellectual property, are referred to as creative industries. (DCMS, 2021).

The creative industry plays an integral role in the economic success of the United Kingdom, leading to increased well-being and prosperity. However, with the constant push for automation and the evolving job market, gaining insight into potential shifts in skills demanded by the sector is crucial. Creative industries have a proven ability to respond to the emergence of alternative work methods, freelance jobs, digitisation, and technological advances, demonstrating their resilience. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that TICE stays informed on industry changes and makes the appropriate adaptations to the opportunities they offer to young people.

TICE positions itself between the art and tech worlds, taking advantage of the business opportunities presented by creative fields such as design and documentary production. We also explore the potential of performance and the digital space.

We offer young individuals the opportunity to investigate career options that aren't as transparent, as well as more commonly known ones. Our approach allows them to gain insight into occupations in the public eye, as well as those not often in the spotlight.

By closely monitoring the obstacles of the next generations, we are continually striving to alter our offerings to best suit the needs of young people. To do this, we employ a collaborative effort between industry and education entities, by responding through our work in and out of the classroom and in collaboration with industry and educational partners.

TICE offers an abundance of opportunities for young people to experience projects and workshops in the realms of fashion, lifestyle, graphic design, animation, illustration, creative writing, photography, film, and the music industry.

TICE Insights

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