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What is a TICE project?

TICE Insights
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Learning from industry experts, building confidence, and exploring potential job roles.

TICE Projects provide young people aged 14-19 with the opportunity to enhance their creative skills, develop confidence, and gain knowledge of the available roles in the industry. The projects are available for purchase either through schools or by the individual directly, allowing them to build their portfolio and gain valuable insight from industry professionals.

Through TICE Projects, students are able to explore multiple creative practices, refine their skills, and receive hands-on experience. Furthermore, it is an advantageous way for students to grow their portfolios and obtain guidance throughout the process.

Our projects bridge the gap between experienced mentors and creative professionals and young people who are seeking guidance and support in pursuit of their aspirations. Our mentors provide feedback, share advice, and guide students as they cultivate their abilities and skills.

From fashion to music, graphics to animation, and writing to photography, there are plenty of inspiring projects available that delve into the many different industries these art forms encompass.

Every six months, new projects are introduced, providing individuals with the opportunity to immerse themselves in innovative industries and follow their creativity. Keeping pace with industry trends, the topics and subjects of TICE projects focus on the current situation of the sector and how it can help with their future prospects.

With so many exciting opportunities in the creative sector, TICE projects are worth exploring.

TICE Insights

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