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What are the Teacher's CPD workshops?

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A knowledge-sharing workshop for teachers who are interested in industry trends, student progression and the future of the creative workforce.

In our CPD workshops, we dive into the skills and advancement of students within the industry. We kick off with a session on the most current trends and innovations in the creative sector, what talents employers are seeking, and what drives those discoveries. Through our partnership with higher education facilities, there will be lecturers present to talk about preparing for a portfolio application, looking at available creative courses, and giving an introduction to the amenities.

At the start of the day, we'll be exploring the latest trends in creative fields, such as the capabilities needed to fulfill tomorrow's job openings, and how we are preparing young people for these positions. Moreover, we will also be assessing industry expectations and uncovering potential innovation opportunities.

For many reasons, there are unprecedented difficulties for upcoming talent in the sphere of artistic and creative work. During this workshop, we explore the challenges of future generations and how TICE responds through our work in and out of the classroom and in collaboration with industry and educational partners.

We evaluate the efficacy of the avenues through which young people are able to gain knowledge on creative careers, the level of simplicity associated with breaking into the creative field, and which resources have demonstrated the most trustworthiness and usefulness.

Alongside insight, we provide actionable plans and practical steps to collectively enhance our offer to young people and generate further collaboration between education and industry.

This workshop is tailored to Northeast secondary schools, careers leads, cross-curricular teaching staff and tailored to teachers of year 9 or above.

TICE Insights

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