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Uncover the Potential of Our Diverse Group of Talented Students: Explore the Age Range & Skillset of TICE Students.

TICE targets individuals ranging from 14 to 19 years old, with a possibility of extending to slightly younger students in Year 8 classes or slightly older students that have recently left school or college and are seeking more creative experience.

For many youths, deciding on a professional path can be a daunting process. Choosing a career in the creative industries presents even more difficulties, as they lack clear career paths, access to appropriate information, and necessary skills. For this reason, the TICE Team has been supporting 14-19 year-olds since 2008, equipping them with the insight into skills and knowledge needed to enter the creative field; providing industry-specific TICE Projects, TICE workshops, and the TICE Programme.

Research has shown that half of young people surveyed want to pursue a job in the creative industries, but the majority do not feel informed about careers in the sector.

The UK's creative industries have flourished thanks to the incredible skills of the people within the sector. As the industry continues to grow faster than the economy as a whole, there are more and more chances for young people to exercise their creativity. But we need to take action to ensure everyone has access to the information they need to uncover the available opportunities and take advantage of them. We in the creative industries have the obligation to encourage the youth to be part of the upcoming creative talent, since creativity flourishes with a variety of distinct perspectives.

Our secondary schools are currently home to the professionals of the future, and it is vital that young people are provided the chance to explore the vast array of career paths - including those within the creative industry.

TICE exists to motivate and enlighten young people regarding the professional opportunities available in the creative sectors. Our objective is to highlight vocations unfamiliar to many and demonstrate what qualifications and talents are necessary to attain success in those occupations when leaving school.

TICE Insights

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