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What is a TICE Insight workshop?

TICE Insights
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Gaining insight into the creative industry and exploring potential career paths.

With the aim of giving young people an introductory glimpse into the world of creative industries, TICE Insight workshops are full day experiences tailored to educate about career options, the educational paths necessary for them, and the skills necessary to excel in various creative fields.

Our Insight workshops are held at your school, designed by an experienced mentor from a particular field. These mentors are professionals who are ready to impart first-hand experience and insight into the daily tasks of their job, as well as knowledge on how they got to where they are. These workshops are offered to Year 8 and up, and can host a maximum of 30 participants, depending on the school facilities and classroom sizes available.

Our Insight workshops provide students with an opportunity to explore the world of the creative industries. We can offer workshops tailored to areas such as fashion and illustration, aminmation, creative writing, music, photography and more as well as workshops focusing on specific creative skills such as camera techniques and software. We'll discuss your objectives and collaborate to create the ideal workshop for you.

By participating in TICE workshops, students can increase their engagement with the provision they have in school, expand their personal horizons, and learn to make meaningful connections between the academic and real world. Our workshops provide invaluable experiences that may even challenge their ideas of the creative industries they are immersed in, ultimately providing a fresh perspective on their place within them.

The workshops offer invaluable knowledge not just to the students, but to the teachers as well. Our experienced mentors impart industry-relevant insight to make sure that the workshops complement the already established curriculum, enabling you and your pupils to get the most out of it.

TICE Insights

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