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Does TICE work with International Schools?

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Unlocking New Creative Possibilities For Young People Worldwide

TICE International provides a platform for creative, design, and digital projects from the UK to be shared with young learners from international schools. The project briefs are supported and developed in partnership with TICE's professional designers and creatives from different UK companies. Furthermore, UK higher educational institutions are contributing to the projects by offering advice and guidance regarding higher-level learning to students from international classrooms.

Aimed at Year 9/ Grade 8 and above, TICE International provides an ideal opportunity for students exploring a future in design, creativity, or the digital field. With more than 82% of international students applying to universities in the United Kingdom or the United States, students and institutions alike are on the lookout for exceptional, industry-leading portfolio pieces to help them stand out. Through its wide range of services, TICE can aid students with their coursework, Extended Project Qualification, Arts Award, work experience, and employer engagement.

TICE International provides students with the opportunity to strengthen their core abilities, cultivate an admiration for multicultural creativity, create impressive work for portfolios through original, industry-centreed projects, and obtain input from field professionals. Meanwhile, for teachers, international teamwork can be a great way to create connections in their respective fields, share information with a global crowd, and involve employers.

TICE projects offer students a unique opportunity to explore contemporary topics, issues and trends within the current society, as well as the ways in which these may be expected to evolve in the future. By partnering with various industry professionals and global brands, students are able to engage in tasks and challenges, while gaining invaluable skills and knowledge from experienced professionals. Through selecting a project which reflects their interests, ambitions, and passions, students have the opportunity to expand their understanding of potential career paths which they may have otherwise been unaware of.

The projects are made available to students through an online platform, allowing them to be accessed at any moment. Schools are in charge of deciding when these projects will be deployed, whether it be as a CCA, part of the course curriculum, or an EPQ or club.

For successful project completion, a school staff member should take on the role of project lead and act as the main contact point. With the help of this person, the progress of the tutorials and student research can be monitored. However, depending on the project specifics, additional staff with specialist creative skills may be necessary.

TICE Insights

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