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What do TICE students use their projects for?

TICE Insights
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Fostering self-expression and developing creativity.

The basis of our tagline, "I wish I had that when I was at school," reflects the positive reaction we typically receive when explaining TICE to others or discussing what can be achieved by doing a TICE project or workshop. We have provided creative opportunities to over 3,500 young people since 2008 in the hope of enabling them to make informed decisions about their futures by exposing them to a broad range of potential creative career paths.

Upon reaching out to the individuals we once supported, we had the privilege of discovering how TICE positively impacted them. Often, the effects of our mentorship seemed to have instilled in them a new-found self-belief. This confidence was reinforced by the support they had from us, as well as their own experiences and insights.

Following the completion of TICE, students have the freedom to pursue any avenue with their projects. Some may use it to hone their creativity, while others use it as a supporting tool for their qualifications, such as GCSEs, A-Levels, or EPQs. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide how they wish to take advantage of their TICE experience.

Here are a few inspiring testimonials from former TICE students and precisely how TICE provided them with the support and resources needed to succeed.

"“TICE was my first opportunity to explore visual creativity through film/video. Without this opportunity, at such a critical time in my life, I would not be where I am today. Since completing my TICE course, I’ve gone on to graduate from university with First Class Honours, and have worked on productions for the likes of Netflix, Sky and BBC. I have had a film I co-wrote and directed shown at the BFI at London’s iconic Southbank, and also worked with international brands such as Doritos, Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein. TICE gave me the confidence to go out and make a career out of what I love!" Brandon Murphy, Freelance Offline Editor | Avid | Obs Doc | Fact/Ents.

“I think it’s so rare at such a young age to meet people in the creative industry that have such a vast knowledge of their field and are so willing and enthusiastic with their advice and feedback. As I did not sing much before TICE, it really boosted my confidence as a singer and as a performer. Most of all, I’d say it helped me to realise how much I loved music and that doing it as a career is actually something that can be achieved, if you’re willing to put the work in.” Stefanie Fish, Musician.

“I feel that TICE had hugely influenced my career choice, my experience with working with models, stylists and digital imagery, solidified my desire to be involved in the fashion industry, specifically communication and promotion, as before taking part in TICE I did not realise such areas existed, and as a result, I became able to see past the words draw and design when hearing ‘fashion’.” Laurel Outterside, Senior Brand Marketing Executive at Miller Harris Perfumer London.

TICE Insights

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