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Can I join TICE even if my school hasn't?

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Unlock Your Creative Potential with TICE

Are you curious if you can still join TICE if your school isn't involved? Or, maybe you'd like to participate again after having done a TICE project with your school? Absolutely! We get plenty of requests from students and their parents to do a TICE project on their own time. TICE is much like any other extracurricular activity, and you can take part anytime during the school year. Plus, it's a great activity to pursue during the holidays!

Enrolling in TICE provides an opportunity for you to explore your creativity and pursue your passions. What creative project are you interested in? Would you like to build a portfolio, enrich your studies, or simply have some fun? Whatever it is, TICE will give you the space and tools to make it happen.

Take some time to really think about what creative areas and subjects you would like to explore and the ways in which you could explore them. From music and fashion to illustation and photography, TICE covers a wide range of subjects and interesting topics, all facilitated by creative and innovative skills.

TICE not only enables you to enhance your creative talents and acumen, but it also gives you the opportunity to gain applicable skills, such as communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and project management, that will prove invaluable in the real world.

Throughout TICE, individuals are encouraged to explore their self-expression and discover their creativity, leading to heightened self-esteem and confidence. And you won't have to take on this journey alone - a professional from your chosen industry is appointed as your mentor, who can help answer your questions and doubts at any stage of your TICE experience.

Explore the range of TICE projects available and begin your creative and inspiring journey today.

TICE Insights

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