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A cultural shift in attitudes towards the value of education has resulted in the former ‘nerds’ becoming the new jocks as learning and knowledge are treasured again. It is no more just about comics and superheroes or being studious and introverted, it is about personality and vibrancy. The stereotypical nerd image is quite outdated for the 21st century, and so, this subtle art of expression and fashion has become a part of almost everyone's wardrobe.

This project is about creating a collection of clothing that makes people feel comfortable and most like themselves, even if their fashion choices make no sense, it is exactly that nerd-chic motto. Cheer up, Everyone – the clever people have won at last!


  • Fashion Design

  • Fashion Illustration

  • Fashion Print


  • You can choose to start this project in July, September, January or April.

  • You will be given a project start date and a project end date.

  • You will have 10 weeks of mentor support to complete your project.



Within this project, we will be looking at self-expression through fashion. At its heart, we will be looking how this fashion direction is all about well designed basics that bring personality and pleasure to the everyday. A style that celebrates the warmth, quirkiness and reassurance of designs that will be loved for the long term. Whether it looks good for the crowds doesn’t matter—today’s nerd style is about dressing for yourself.

Your project outcome is a line-up of 6 outfits for a gender-neutral collection that highlights, inspires and celebrates an interest of your choice, something like ‘chess’, ‘trainspotting’ ‘maths club’ ‘ book club’ etc. You will also reimagine the care label, offering a playful and interactive update to branding and aftercare instructions that complement your chosen ‘interest’.



With support from a fashion professional, you will explore design and illustration skills to create a unique #nerdchic collection. You will explore design elements such as colour, texture, pattern, shape and detail. You will learn more about illustration techniques, hand-drawn skills and digital skills.

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